Woodwork Craft started from recognizing the potential in the content provided by the makers community.  I saw a huge opportunity to put my skills to the test. First month BAM 10k followers, second month SMACK 30k followers. This is crazy!! Three months in 50k followers. Now nine months in total we are at 160k followers! Every month I gain about 15,000+ followers and get over 3 million impressions every week! If you are looking to do the same, click the MAX Potential Guide below!


Pure Mittigan

I was interested in social media, decided to make an instagram account. Grinded really hard, trying to be the best account in Michigan! First year I had 50k followers, right after I decided to brand it to sell apparel and Michigan products! A year later August 2017 we had 80k followers! 100k is the next goal! I am interested in helping you build your social media, learn how to brand and get your first sales! More info coming soooooon!